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about gh voucher club

Gatehouse Voucher Club – Mission

We want to benefit the people of Coventry and further a field, save you money so you can spend more on the things which bring you joy.

Our ultimate quest is to build an online voucher store for you like no other.
We are proud to bring you great people, products and services and combine them for you with the very best deals around.  We are committed to bringing together a community of people whose reviews and ideas will be at the forefront of everything we do.


about gh voucher club

It really is all about you !

Gatehouse Voucher Club is all about sharing our customer experiences with our online store community. This way everyone involved can continue talking about us, give regular feedback and help make our promotions and deals even better for you. Our facebook group helps deliver this so search for us and join up !

about gh voucher club

What our customers are saying

“WOW! – I found great money off savings on many services thanks to this site. I’ve been sharing on Facebook my GH Voucher to help others start saving!” (James – Coventry)

“Delighted I could save money on a lovely surprise meal out with my friends. This website is a no brainer, it will always be the first place I look for deals!” (Jess – Coventry)

“Thanks to GH Voucher Club, I managed to find the perfect car service deal. Not only did I get fantastic workmanship, but I got a wonderful discount to !” (Eva – Coventry)

about gh voucher club

My Story

Why set up this company ? I want to benefit the people of Coventry and further a field, save you money so you can spend more on the things which bring you joy.

At the heart of my vision, was to find an easier way for people to DISCOVER and receive value from, some of the amazing local independent brands that are out there now. Its an exciting time with so many INNOVATIVE entrepreneurs around. So I felt the best way to deliver my vision, was to develop a new easy to use creative online MARKETPLACE. Gatehouse Voucher Club (GHVC) has now evolved into a bespoke online discovery website, where customers can build new relationships with local brands and receive even more value in the form of FREE money off vouchers and discount offers.

As a company, we work hard so we can bring as many amazing brands into our discovery marketplace for you as possible. At the same time, I like to make sure we always keep it real and try to enjoy the persuit of helping our customers discover new brands and value.
I really hope you like our site and thank you kindly, for taking the time to visit
Jag Kalsi, CEO.
Feel free to direct message me at any time.

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