Whats included and whats free with this voucher ?

Exclusive £750 Off Tipi Hire with this Free GHVC Voucher

When you hire this stunning Tipi for a wedding or event

No Payment Card is Required To Get This Free Voucher

Whats so good about this deal ?

Available to hire for weddings in a gorgeous rural setting in Warwickshire, or it can be transported to a location of your choice.

Why choose Carlicious ?

Delivering our Hog roasts, BBQs, Ice cream Tricycles, Staffed Horse Box Bars and Big Hat Nordic Wedding Tipi’s to the West Midlands and beyond! Carlicious offer’s a bespoke catering service that’s wholeheartedly adaptable, portable and customisable. Bringing you delectable food and beverages and impeccable service.

How do I get this voucher ? 2 Easy Steps 

1. Sign In  / Up

Order Now – Sign in / up 

• Under the red padlock you will find this red bar.  Tap this bar and sign in / up

Order Now 

• After successful registration this bar changes colour to a green Order Now bar

• If it remains red – tap again and remove any input errors

• The red padlock should have now gone and the merchant details should appear in its place.

• If the red padlock is still present – tap the red Order Now bar again and correct any input errors

2. Complete Free Checkout

•  Tap this green Order Now and proceed through the free checkout £0.00, entering your details

• As this 10% Off Voucher is FREE, Type XXXX when asked for last four digits of your credit card during checkout

• When done you will receive an email confirming your voucher

• You can print this voucher or screenshot onto your smartphone

What next ?

• Successful Sign In / Up removes the red padlock and reveals Carlicious mobile phone number – tap to call

• Call or message Carlicious and quote your GHVC Voucher Order Number when booking

• Book your event and use your voucher to get £750 discount

What’s the fine print ?

• Only available with a Carlicious Tipi Hire Booking

• Not available direct with Carlicious or any other promotional site

• This offer is available for the Farm Wedding / Party hire or personal wedding hire at another location

• You must have a GHVC voucher or screenshot of the Voucher to claim your £750 Off

• Read full Terms and Conditions

 What’s the cancellation policy ?

• Standard Carlicious cancellation policy applies

Where is the Carlicious head office based ?

• Nuneaton

What area does Carlicious cover ?

• Operate in Warwickshire – but can deliver UK wide – check with Carlicious

How do I get help ? 

Text “GH HELP” to 07951 735585

Email us at   

How to follow GHVC on social media ?

Be first to discover our latest free deals – Here’s our facebook page link: 

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Interact yourself with our GHVC facebook community – Here’s our facebook group page link:

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How to apply as a GHVC brand ?

Contact us at:

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